Sunday, November 30, 2014

Let the Christmas Activities Begin!

(Thanksgiving is over! Finally! B has been in the Christmas mood since mid-November! )

Santas and sleigh!

First step- getting the Christmas things down from the attic!
 (after these, E told W to take my camera away!)
Watching Christmas movies
Listening to Christmas music on the radio, making a bank at Home Depot while daddy goes hunting (Need someplace to put  all that Christmas money!)

A special Christmas tree lunch out of  leftovers(turkey and green chili quesadillas)
 and (while our boys hung out with their Nuna, thanks, Dianna!!)   the adult Christmas party at church! (I think E was relieved I didn't wear my usual ugly Christmas sweater...)
I usually bring some fun, Christmas food, but in the interest of taking advantage of sales and using up what we had, I brought Cranberry Sprite, a fall snack mix and Chocolate chip cream cheese breakfast cookies. Some younger ladies picked up my slack with a candy cane cheeseball and some crispy green wreath cookies!

After dinner, we played relay games with our table.
Unwrapping a Hershey's kiss while wearing oven mitts. (The youth pastor, shown on the right, is cheating by using his mouth!!)
Passing a candy cane on a straw...
This game made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants! On my turn, I closed my eyes, hit the next guy in the forehead with my straw and somehow he ended up with both of our straws in his mouth!! ha ha  On the way back, I saw him leaning in with his lips puckered up around his straw and burst out laughing (dropping my straw and spraying a bit of snot on his face!) How embarrassing!!

The last game was the dreaded "Upset the fruit basket". Too much running, plus I got a bruise on the underside of my arm! Baptists are competitive, dangerous people! ha ha

 The highlight, as always, was the gag gift exchange!
We brought an Elf shirt and a hover ball. (I completely forgot about the ceramic Jesus book ends I bought this summer just for this- Next year! )
E opened this
and kept it for most of the game, but lost it to the Pastor's son at the end. 

I opened a adult Superman footie pajamas, traded it for a Skyline gift card, but it was stolen! I ended up with a box of chocolates (That E ate!) and some jingle bell boxers (my second gift for next year's party!). 

A lot of gift cards and more funny gifts! (Somebody got a Magic 8 ball and I joked it was a spiritual one, it only said "yes", "no" and "wait"!)

  Blow up boxing gloves went to the newly married couple. The young guys couldn't wait to try them out! 

Yay for 25 or so more days of fun!

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Lindsay said...

So much fun!! LOL at the candy cane game! I would have cracked up as well!!