Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Week

 W came home with the great news that because of how he did in his class's spelling bee, he qualified for the school-wide spelling bee in January!!
I finished the Gryffindor scarf for W at my crochet class! (My very first completed crochet project!)

Subway Lunch with W in his classroom at school! (B got to pick what we ate because he is officially DONE WITH PULL-UPS at night, Wahoo!!!)

and a side trip to the library's book fair! I got four exercise videos!
That night we went to our church's Thanksgiving dinner. I was busy plating and cleaning, so I didn't get any pictures!

Another turkey for breakfast- cereal in gloves!
 and with a sugar cream pie, this new recipe

and this sincere wish (for everyone AND myself!)
a road trip to Nanny and Papaw's!
In which we played the car game "I'm going on a trip and I'm taking... and the boys said things like, "stinky butt", "tooty kids" and "underwear"! Boys!

Special shirts,
Sausage hash brown breakfast casserole for breakfast, the boys settled in with two player Minecraft,
then mom and I got cooking (with some help)!

I made my SIL's Sweet Potato Casserole (my family thought it was a little too sweet, so next time I would use less marshmallow and brown sugar).

Uncle Roger came over to eat,
 Then we spent the rest of the day relaxing...
watching TV and crafting! I taught my niece how to do a chain and single stitch, 
worked on a scarf for her (it was going to be for B until I realized what I thought was beige was really pink! Now Pud wants a Ravenclaw scarf!) 
and hand stitched this year's hand prints on my Thanksgiving place mats!

My mom sewed my boys' Christmas pj pants! (Thanks, mom!) 

Before Z and J left to spend the night with my sister, the boys got to build catapults and play a money management game with them!  
Mom and I made homemade donuts for breakfast, then  finished up the boys' Christmas pajamas! (Reverse, applique, boo-yah! I had bought enough material that Zach gets a pair of pants, too!)

 We ate turkey and noodles for lunch, waited for Dad to come back from work, said "good-bye", then headed home with our stuff, two extra boxes and a borrowed chain saw!

It was a happy, productive Thanksgiving!

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Lindsay said...

Sounds like an awesome Thanksgiving!! I love the Christmas jammies!! yay for crafting time and family time!