Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gatlinburg! Vacation Day 3

On the road, just E and I this time at 8:11am! (It was hard to leave the kids, but E and I hadn't done anything big on our own since our honeymoon!)
Leaving Rainbow city
Four or so hours later....
We made it! Our first stop!
so much to see inside!
Was a bit overwhelming unless you knew exactly what looking for, so we came out empty-handed.
Lunch at the Apple Barn! The free apple fritters with apple butter was our favorite part!
Outlet mall! It was a miracle we got a parking spot! Once again, we didn't find anything we wanted.
I wanted to buy a Christmas ornament, so we stopped at the Christmas shop!
 No luck....

 First view of Pigeon Forge...

  Almost to Gatlinburg....
Picked up the key
 and made it to our cabin "Mountain Secrets" !

 Parking (went to wrong lot to use our free passes so parking cost $10, yikes!) Dinner at Cherokee Grill. (Our steaks were cooked perfectly, but could have used some seasoning.)

 Sights on "The Strip".

I got a Gatlinburg cross-body purse to carry the camera, a Christmas ornament and some plain divinity candy. (Unfortunately, the air brush tee with E + B 4 eva was vetoed....)  E got some honey.
 The last stop of the night was the  most traumatic for me. The Sky Lift.... I was very scared going up,
 then had a hit of a panic attack/meltdown at the top. I was crying, pacing, hyperventilating and gagging,
but the way down was much easier. (Plus I made E promise to squeeze me the whole time and take me straight back to the cabin afterwards.)

We made one stop on the way home (to get some coffee we never used), then enjoyed the beautiful view from our hot tub (on the deck of our cabin)!

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Lindsay said...

That skylift would make me nervous as well! Looks like a super fun day!! Yay for finding an ornament!!