Sunday, July 26, 2015

Road Trip! Vacation Day 1

New suitcases full,
 a quick portable breakfast, car all packed,
  Driver ready,
 Kari and her kids here and boys situated....
-I'm ready to be the "el navigate-or"!
First song we played, "Sweet Home Alabama"! (E later tortured us with Phantom of the Opera and refused to sing his part in Drop the Bomb! I got him back with my lip syncing of RESPECT! lol)
Didn't take long for them to bust these out!
Caught up on I75 in KY.

We got lapel pins at a rest stop and later, had lunch at a Bojangles. B kept looking back and seeing Kari's car, "She keeps following us!"! ha ha ha

Starting to see some hills...

Spending jingling money on a gas stop in Georgia. (E wants everyone to know that he could have made it no problem on the gas he had still in the tank, lol! This was the same place that I thought I had learned a new southern expression "ripped my socks", but turns out that the worker had actually torn her footwear, ha ha)
A half hour from our destination....

We made it! (E was worried I would take him to the wrong place, just because of our Florida trip when I took him to the geographical center of Jacksonville instead of his dad's house! whoops! Not this time!)
The spoiling started right off the bat!

An hour later, out to eat (appetizer sampler for me, Country fried steak for E) with one of my college roommates and her hubby...
while the boys had dinner and sand pudding back at Tom and Sherry's!

Alex came in...more presents!
Keeping busy!
Watching American Ninja Warrior before bed!

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Lindsay said...

so much fun and it was just the first day!! Was it a super long trip? We are planning a trip to San Antonio in October but we are flying :-)