Friday, July 3, 2015

Vacation Bible School 2015

Betty (our church secretary and our financial Pastor's wife) did an awesome job setting up the stage!
Wheel! of! FRYMANS!!

The evening always starts with songs.
B, really got into it! (white shirt, center foreground)
W was chill. (bottom left)
even my niece did the motions! (bottom left corner) 
Until they played a loud song that scared her. (This was how she spent the majority of the next two days. (She was fine when she was settled into the different areas, but all the transitions were hard on her, poor girl!)
Instead of a week long skit, there were boys vs girls minute-to-win-it games! B was chosen to try to keep three balloons from touching the ground.

After the message, the kids split off into their classrooms, and my workers and I got to work!
At least they were supposed to be! (Jen and Angie with our Pastor's wife.)
Monday's game-themed snack!

Day 2
Minute to Win It, adult demo
Lesson from "Mr. Monopoly"
snack- chutes (fruit roll ups) and popcorn

Some crafts this week:
height chart (Jesus grew)

Jesus raised Lazarus to life.

some magic scratch
Day 3 snack, Domino rice crispy treats!
The difference between the boys' song time styles!

Day 4 snack

an unexpected problem!
Minute to win it. I was rooting for her to beat her hubby!
Last snack, tic tac toe pretzels!
(crown art)

The boys brought pennies all weeks for the boys vs girls contest. The money will be donated to one of our missionaries, and the winning team's "mascot" gets to put a pie in the face of the other team! This year, four siblings were the mascots and their adult cousin gave the money for both teams to tie so all four of them got the pie in the face!
Afterward, my kid goes up and gets some cool whip to lick off his finger. Yuck!
A fun, busy week!

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