Thursday, July 30, 2015

Vacation Day 5 E's Favorite Day in Gatlinburg!

I loved how the menu was in a newspaper! E's meal was bigger than his head!
My first time having eggs benedict! I loved the potatoes and corn pone.
We decided to go horseback riding...too bad we didn't know that there is a light 10 in Gatlinburg AND Pigeon Forge!
We finally made it!
I wasn't very impressed with the payment routine, the rules about phones/cameras OR the bathrooms with the open trash cans of TP in them, but the hour ride was nice (my horse, California, aka "Slick" was slow and careful, albiet prone to stay very close to the edge. E's horse was Louisiana, aka "Wheezy") and they got an awesome picture of E.
We tried the Old Mill for lunch, but we were still full from breakfast, so couldn't do it justice. (Took advantage of the sweet tea, though, best of all the restaurants this whole vacation!) Right nearby was an Old Time Photo. I was so excited about getting one done, but was bummed when the experience wasn't anything like I thought. It was rushed and I don't love the pics.

We only had an hour or two before the Dixie Stampede, so we went back to the island to look at the shops. If we go again with the boys, I want to ride this!
We bought a family gift at a puzzle shop, then headed over to dinner.
I wondered why we had to be there so early....we were herded to a big room and sold drinks in boots (instant souvenir for the boys, yeah!)

and offered popcorn. A nice couple from New Jersey sat across from us, and we chatted until the pre-show began. (They raved about Golden Corral, ha ha!)
The music was great, and we got to sing along! My favorite was the banjo player, who did this to the bass player.
Finally we found our seats (in the North section, a hard choice :) )
The scenery was awesome. (The stars you see was a TV screen!)
They introduced anniversaries and groups in the room to cheers. When the Pentecostal group was announced, E said "I feel like they should have been much louder." ha ha ha

The show was cool!
There were riding and rope tricks, fire,
princesses, square dancing, buffaloes,
magic, volunteers from the audience and a competition. The South won.

It was our last night there, but we couldn't leave Gatlinburg without doing some Hillbilly Golf!

There was a bit of a wait....
worth it! We both got a hole in one,
but E beat me by nine strokes and ended up under par. Since I beat him the last time we played putt putt (on our honeymoon) now we are even!

I insisted on sitting in the middle of the trolley thing that took us back down the hill, telling everyone around me that they were just buffers for me in case the thing malfunctions! (Apparently, I now have a heights issue...)

Another long, fun day!

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