Monday, August 3, 2015

B is Six!

Here is some funny things about our B-boo!

making a monster out of the tunnel (see the dvd "arms"?)

being a vacuum (He has always loved vacuums!)
using the mixer

called the globe a "world ball
really into whistling 
Dressing up like character from Plants vs Zombies (he rubber banded this teddy to his back!)

While getting a haircut for Easter, told the beautician, "Make sure you don't cut my head off!"
"Mom, even when you look like a scrub, I think you are beautiful and pretty. (Awwww!!)
First visit to enterTRAINment Junctions and learned to ride his bike without training wheels!
called the double stroller, the "two-headed" stroller! ha ha
 Won a can of Pringles tortilla chips at our friends' church carnival. Came back home and took his chips to the back deck "to have a grand ol' time with Dad"!
B:"I want to be a boxer or a bowler (when I grow up)."
Me: Oh, a competitive bowler?
B:No the guy that sets up the pins!
When walking out of church, we saw a guy with two kids. B asked the little boy, "Is that your sister or your girlfriend?" 
(Oh my!)

Walking all bent over,talking in a wavery voice "I'm a very old lady, like my mom."  SERIOUSLY?!?!
His dream house with three garage doors.
Went to the E.R. for back pain and trouble breathing. Had some fluid on his lungs. Told everyone (including random strangers at the grocery store) for days "My spine is crooked and if you straighten it, my arms will be uneven."
B: I want eight kids.
W: When I grow up, I want to be a stay-at-home dad.
B told a little boy at church that his name was Unicron and that his dad changed it while "mom and W were at baseball."
Despite complaining all year about homework, B was SUPER excited when his teacher sent this home for the class to work on over the summer and insisted that we do most of it (I talked him down to three pages, front and back) that very night!
This neighbor boy is four days older, and a lot smaller!
decided he wanted me to call him "baby cakes", because that is what his kindergarten teacher called him and his classmates.
(literally) made a friend
 became interested in maps and pirates after watching the Goonies.
 Graduated from Kindergarten!
arbitrarily decided he no longer likes peanut butter, but loves Nutella.
always has a smear of dirt on the right side of his cheek where he has wiped his nose or mouth with his arm-gross!
"Tell Nuna that she's my strawberry". When I asked what that was about, it says "It means permanent love." (Awwwwww!)

Always talks about going to work, and "Dr. Cook" (E's boss). Once, when I took the kids outside, he complained, "i'm supposed to be at work! Dr. Cook will fire me!"  He will frequently change into jeans with a belt and a tucked in shirt and draw us pictures and seal them in an envelope. On a Friday after watching the garbage trucks, he changed his shirt and drew all over it in marker then said he quit his job with Dr. Cook to be a trash man!
When B came to bat at one of his Tball games, the coach on the other team yelled out "big hitter"! So proud!

had to sit in time out during one of W's baseball games because, while playing on a plastic toddler play gym with another younger sibling, he said "Oh, my wiener!" two times.
Baseball buddy.

Has been biting his nails for a while now...that, coupled with the fastest growing cuticles I've ever seen, leaves his fingers looking like this! :(
With his "twin" A.B.
told me I looked like Two Face when I hurt  my eye....
Leaves me sweet notes.
dumped out his piggy bank to make a "treasure trove" in his closet.
Was so glad when we started going to the all ages story time at the library instead of the toddler one because then I didn't make him sit in the back. (The toddler one fits our school day schedule so much better and I didn't want any little one not to be able to see because of him...)
Got his very own library card
 spent two full days speaking only in Minion-speak! (Glad that is over!)
Balloon from Aunt Kari!
When he got his birthday package from Tom and Sherry, he dressed up like this to deliver it before he opened it! 
He skipped VBS at our friends' church on his birthday, because he wanted to be home, "living the good life" (playing ipad and snacking on the couch).
Newest phase: waking me up. First time, with his accordian (I almost wet the bed!),
the next day by getting right in my face and saying, "It's time to make me breakfast!".
Loves: hot dogs, cheesy bites pizza from Pizza Hut, vienna sausages, his food separate (even sandwiches and tacos), colors camo,  red and black, construction trucks, dinosaurs  and semis.
Doesn't Like: eggs (sometimes I can get him to eat them scrambled with cheese), khaki or denim shorts (athletic kind only),
Favorite songs: Hail to the King (I blame his dad for that one), Animal, All things Possible, Uptown Funk,
VIDEO: Taking birthday privileges a little too far, ha ha ha

On his birthday, discovered his first loose tooth!
Free birthday milkshake from Steak n Shake.

His six year check-up. No shots needed, but had to redo the hearing test because he didn't do well the first time. Eyesight was 20/40,weight was 66th percentile and  height was 95th!
He got to pick out his own present from Nanny and Papaw.

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