Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Getting Ready for School

We had already bought school supplies but we still had more to do before school starts!
We found out the boys' class lists, stocked up on lunchbox food,
bought new shoes (on tax free weekend)

went through closets and drawers, changed around and organized bedrooms (W's new mattress was delivered today!)
BEFORE (pic from March 2014)
got them new haircuts
(Here is what they wanted to look like! W on left, B on right.)
printed up lunchbox notes, started in on our chore/allowance charts,
set up the school station at the front door again,
bought new shirts for the first day (and a replacement backpack because the strap on the brand new R2D2 bag W picked out broke right after I put all his school supplies in it!),
 and had a sweet, school-themed breakfast!
I even painted my nails with a school theme
and made a special treat (from Family Fun magazine) for their lunchboxes! (With a note that read, "By my CALCULATIONS, you'll have a great day!")
We are ready!

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