Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Open House

I went to the kids' school twice last night. At five, to hear announcements, learn about the changes this year (Specials are back and all kids have bussing!) and to meet B's teacher.
Here is my baby at his desk.  No AC so it is super hot!

 After dropping him off and making sure everyone was fed, it was back to school at 7 with W.

He was sooo excited to hear about space camp and that he is required to have a reading book with him at all times. (He said "done and done"!) I was glad to hear that their wing of the school has air conditioning and that they would have a mini study hall at the end of every day, but was surprised when they suggested that all the kids start wearing deodorant!
 Too soon!
 W is still my sweet-smelling baby!

W with his homeroom/math teacher.
His seat his right behind his best friend's! His daily schedule.
W also insisted we meet his science and reading teachers.

I agree with W's assessment, "It's going to be a good year"!

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