Saturday, August 8, 2015

Skating Birthday Party

Last night we celebrated B turning 6 with a roller skating party!
Here is the "in progress picture" of  the invitations I made!

The party started at 7:30 and almost everyone showed up! (B invited almost his whole baseball team, but no one RSVP'd. I was so afraid we wouldn't reach the ten kid minimum that was required!)

including two kids from his baseball team(not shown), his cousins, and family friends!
We skated,
(some of us had an easier time than others,

and some didn't last very long! :)

Nuna on baby patrol!
My skater boy! (I had brought glow in the dark items for everyone.)
Big brother....
Sat down at the table with the special place setting for some drinks, (The air conditioner at the rink was broken, it was sooo hot!)
then more skating!

Time for singing, cake and ice cream! (I had put down wax paper before I put the cake in the pan, but I forgot to take off the pan's liner! When I tried to move the wax paper, the cake tore!)
camo candles!
Present time!

I tried to get him to hand out the goodie bags as he opened, but he was in the zone!
The music was very loud so it was hard to hear what came from who, but he had plenty of help opening!

He got so many awesome presents!
wanted to play with his lightsabers and sword while he skated but that wasn't allowed.

The DJ announced couples skate! (I tried to skate with E but he just refused to skate near me or hold me hand. Told me I should've "skated faster". True love, people!) Kari and Doug participated!

The boys liked the little training skating rank in the corner (especially during the dice game)!

Everyone that was there for a party was called into the middle of the floor,

 and the birthday boys and girls were introduced.
 B took great advantage of his time in the limelight.

Then it was time for the Hokey Pokey!
He didn't want to do the chicken dance, so he left the floor early to use the coins from his goody bag to play games instead!

W followed suit!

Back at home after packing up the presents, making sure I hadn't lost my camera and dropping off a party guest, B opened one more present, this one from us,
and put up his bed tent to sleep in!
A great birthday party for a great kid!

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