Friday, August 21, 2015

So Far and Survey

First three days of school are over! Here is how it went:
B had been begging me for days to let him pack his lunch for the first day of school. (He was super excited to use his new Transformer's lunchbox!)

 My little gourmet packed Vienna sausages, a baggie of shredded cheese, red peppers, mandarin oranges and a juice box. :) When he got home from the first day, he said, "My lunch was EPIC!"  The next day,  I had him buy a hot lunch so he could know how it all worked, but he didn't like the process.

By the third day of school, B has cried multiple times, visited the nurse at least four times for a nervous stomach/anxiety and flooded a toilet. :( He keeps telling me that school is too long and that he misses me. My poor guy!

W is off to a strong start. He found a friend on the bus, and got a perfect score when he  told his class about himself using these items in a "me bag".
toy Wii remote because I like playing video games.
wand-because I like Harry Potter
quarter- like to collect and spend money
Bible- I like to read and I'm a Christian
Star Wars Lego guy- I like Legos and Star Wars
sock- because I like to take my socks off and leave them everywhere. My mom said my socks are everywhere like "tumbleweeds in the desert".

But, he did already forgot one homework assignment.....

Our Annual Back to School Survey!!
Favorite food?
Kindergarten: hot dogs, Vienna sausages, cheesy bites pizza
First grade: Ramen noodles
First grade: mac n cheese                         
Second grade: mac n cheese
Third grade: ranch house pork loin
Fourth grade: cheesy bites pizza, mac n cheese
Fifth grade: cheesy bites pizza
  • Favorite sport to play?
 Kindergarten: Basketball
First grade: basketball

First grade:  basketball                        
Second grade:  Tball
Third grade: baseball
Fourth grade: "Wii sports that don't involve going outside".
Fifth grade: basketball
  • Favorite television show?
Kindergarten: Transformers
First grade: Transformers Prime

First grade:  Phineas and Ferb
Second grade:  Ninjago
Third grade: Ninjago (I thought for sure he would have said Star Wars)
Fourth grade: Ninjago and Star Wars the Clone Wars
Fifth grade: Youtube
  • Coolest person on earth?  
Kindergarten: God
First grade: God

First grade:  you (mom)
Second grade:  Jesus
Third grade: you are (Awww!)
Fourth grade: me
Fifth grade: you and dad
  • Favorite thing about school?
Kindergarten: Playing at recess
First grade: recess

First grade:  lunch
Second grade:  see my friends and playing at recess
Third grade: recess
Fourth grade: lunch and recess
Fifth grade: lunch
  • Thing I do awesomely- 
Kindergarten: standing up while I ride my bike
First grade: being Darth Vader

First grade:  playing batman (video game)
Second grade:  play video games
Third grade: Legos
 Fourth grade: video games
Fifth grade: play video games
  • If I could change my name, it would be: 
Kindergarten: Dog
First grade: Darth Vader

First grade:  Batman
Second grade:  Kai
Third grade: Lloyd (a different Ninjago character)
Fourth grade: Awesome gamer dude
Fifth grade: I like my name how it is.
  • If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go:  
Kindergarten: in a spaceship and fly to Transformers Rescue Bots or Prime earth
First grade: to the jungle

First grade:  stay at my Nuna for a couple of days
Second grade:  Lego land
Third grade: underground
Fourth grade: stay home
Fifth grade: Universal Studios
  • Favorite color: 
Kindergarten: blue and pink
First grade: brown

First grade:  black
Second grade:  red
Third grade: green
Fourth grade: green and blue
Fifth grade: blue or green
  • Favorite toy:  
Kindergarten: trash trucks, Transformers Rescue Bots,
First grade: Brok (brachiosaurus)

First grade:  Batman imaginext toys
Second grade:  Lego ninjago sets
Third grade:  Lego
Fourth grade: Legos
Fifth grade: Legos
  • When I grow up, I want to be
Kindergarten: police officer or singer
First grade: construction worker

First grade:  Batman
Second grade:  a ninja
Third grade: a ninja
Fourth grade: a ninja
Fifth grade: Lego designer
  • favorite movie:  
Kindergarten: Mr. Peabody and Sherman and Despicable Me
First grade: Harry Potter

First grade:  Batman Brave and Bold
Second grade:  don't have one
Third grade: Ninjago the movie
Fourth grade: Star Wars
Fifth grade: Harry Potter
  • Favorite Song

Kindergarten: All Things Possible
First grade: Darth Vader's entrance theme song

First grade:  Cars song
Second grade:  Ninjago
Third grade: Ninjago
Fourth grade: Ninjago
Fifth grade: Don't have one
  • Favorite book:  
Kindergarten: Transformers Rescue Bots
First grade: Star Wars books

First grade:  Bernstein bears
Second grade:  Choose Your Own Adventure
Third grade: Ninjago  (I thought he would say Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Captain Underpants)
Fourth grade: Ninjago
Fifth grade: Harry Potter
  • Three words that describe me: 
Kindergarten: stinky, dumb, crazy hair man (no serious answers here.)
First grade: lovable, awesome, cool

First grade:  strong, clean and smelly (he thought this was hilarious)
Second grade:  sneaky, hungry, tired,    
Third grade: adventurous, ferocious, quiet
Fourth grade: awesome, stinky, cool
Fifth grade: awesome, short, shy
  • When I was little, I used to: 
Kindergarten:play in a cradle (I think he means pack n play) sleep in it, play with baby toys sit in bouncy chair
First grade: play hide and seek and count "one" over and over again

First grade:  watch jeopardy with you all the time
Second grade:  play with baby toys
Third grade: eat baby food
Fourth grade: poop in my diaper
Fifth grade: love baby toys
  • Favorite season  
Kindergarten: winter because we can play in the snow and make snowballs, a snowman and a snow mansion (that would take years) I wish we could build a snow mansion with a dinosaur..."
First grade: winter because I like snowy places

First grade:  summer because it is good to be home
Second grade:  fall because school starts
Third grade: season 1 of Ninjago ha ha- summer because I don't like school
Fourth grade: summer, because there's no school
Fifth grade: summer or winter. Winter because of snow days (no school) and summer because there's just no school anyway.
  • Snack I could live on:  
Kindergarten: cheese
First grade: cake and rootbeer

First grade:  Hershey's chocolate
Second grade:  cake
Third grade: chocolate donuts
Fourth grade: Lays Wavy potato chips, or just any type of chips
Fifth grade: ranch house pork loin
  • Food I don't like:  
Kindergarten: broccoli, runny eggs
First grade: chicken skin, eggs,

First grade:  mushrooms, chicken and stuffing
Second grade:  chicken and stuffing
Third grade: chicken and stuffing  
Fourth grade: chicken and stuffing
Fifth grade: broccoli
  • Best friend:  
Kindergarten: Ava B.
First grade: Chloe

First grade:  Mallory
Second grade:  Nic 
Third grade: Nic
Fourth grade: Brandon, at the moment
Fifth grade: Devin
  • If I had one wish, it would be 
Kindergarten: Big Heatwave (a Transformers rescue bot)
First grade: I wish I was a grownup already so I can build my mansion and work.

First grade:  that I would never be an old man
Second grade:  that I had all the Lego Ninjago sets
Third grade: that I had every single Lego set that I liked
Fourth grade: a thousand more wishes
Fifth grade: twenty more wishes
  • My best memory: 
Kindergarten: camping with Owen and Alex
First grade: When you called me handsome.

First grade:  the whole summer
Second grade:  right now
Third grade: Disney World
Fourth grade: today
Fifth grade: my birthdays, Christmas or Easter. anytime you get free stuff for presents.

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