Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Fall always makes me feel like making stuff!

So far, I've crocheted a scarf for B, 

bought the supplies to make this for W (Harry Potter version)
DIY Sharpie Pillowcases by A Subtle Revelry - tons of cool sharpie tutorials! Would be cute idea for kids bedrooms:
something like this for me,
good polished look for your the blog connected to this specific project is AMAZING: Household management station -- frame everything behind glass, then write on the calendar, update the meal plan, check off the to-do list with a dry erase marker. | I have been wanting to make one of these for the side of the fridge. Might do it this week!:
and this for B (in camo, with the help of my mom's sewing machine!),
*** i'd like 2 pillowcase beds (i'll add my own pillows) in bright solids for kids room/living room:

and am in the middle of cross stitching a Christmas shirt for W!

Next up, some string art signs for my brother and W!

Justice League String Art - Wall Hangings (Set of Four) by halftonehandicrafts: MADE TO ORDER - Harry Potter String Art Sign! by StringsbySamantha on Etsy

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