Sunday, October 11, 2015

Busy Weekend in Pictures

Christmas prep
Some Friday shopping and crafting...

Eric went hunting overnight, while we got up early for Monster cereal (an annual tradition)

and Saturday morning bowling.

 W had a much better attitude this week. (Not sure if that was because the bag of animal crackers he kept in his pocket or the strike he got in practice!)
Ben did a great job listening, and tried to focus on his four steps, and pushing the ball out and letting it fall back on its own instead of forcing it.
 After buying some sweatshirts at my favorite second hand store, and a quick stop at Target for some popcorn, we got lunch (The boys were begging for Subway.) and I got a haircut.

Back at home, the boys played outside, then we had a werewolf themed dinner and movie!

 I made something like this for W's Halloween costume this year.
 Mummy's easy dessert!

 The next morning, cinnamon crisp owls for breakfast! (I loved these!)



 Dueling yard sale signs on the way to church!
 I LOVE it when my boys match!
After church, the boys had a spooky dessert,
and E stopped at Dillards outlet to stock up on khakis. (He needs to, because his current pants all look like this!)

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