Friday, October 30, 2015


Best look- before it's cooked.
but still creepy after time in the oven!

W reacted the same way he did when I greeted him getting off the bus in my Halloween costume.... not impressed.
but he smiled a little bit, later.

Ben started with a smile....
Then, wait....

A different vantage point...
There it is!!!

As we sit down to eat, B wanted to discuss it in all it's gory detail, but Will said, "Sometimes, I don't like Halloween makes me want to barf.".....

 I had to move it back to the kitchen after cutting him a slice, so he would eat!

When E got home from work an hour or so later, he saw dinner and said, " That is disgusting." then cut off the toes to make his piece look normal!  (It couldn't have been too bad, though, he ate all the leftovers before bedtime!)

Definitely a dinner they won't forget!

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