Saturday, October 17, 2015

Halloween Grub and Game Night

Pinterest pumpkin marshmallow rolls for breakfast....meh.
 The boys are begging to decorate for they made me some decorations!
 Game night with some of our favorite people!
Kari won the first game, then it was time for dessert!! (Had to hurry, because like Zachy says, "time is money."!)
Candy corn fondue- just white chocolate, candy corn and heavy whipping cream! 
 Harvest apple and toffee cookies,
 and my favorite, "black magic punch"! (I had the boys watch as I made the "potion" and it turned foamy, then greenish, then black!)
The boys kept pretending it was poly juice potion and then "turned into" each other!

We dug through my costume bin to get Kari suited up in a warm costume for her job's trunk or treat, (She knows who to ask for costumes!)

 Then E and I lost a second game of Catan! E, aka "Stinkin' Blue", got a win (by one point) when we played Euchre, so I was left the only loser of the night!

 If that wasn't bad enough, I discovered my punch left this stain on my countertop! :(

 Always a good time!

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