Saturday, November 28, 2015

Black Friday Shopping

We left the house at a decent hour to get some deals on Black Friday. (Remember when I tried to go out super early for black Friday?  )We were all bundled up because my phone said this:
It was in the 60's outside! Who knew there was such a difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit?! ha haha haha

We ate donuts and drank milk while shopping (no crowds) at Meijer. I found the half-price snow gloves I wanted ($4.00) but didn't see the toy for B that I wanted. (On sale for 30.00 off!)

After I checked out, I saw it on a return cart, and hustled the boys off to the penny horse ride so I could buy it!
We stopped by to check out the brand new Hobby Lobby (looks exactly like the old one) and drop coins in the red kettle, then went to lunch at the recently built McDonalds.
And we finished all of this BEFORE E came home from hunting! :)
The next day, E went with us to bowling, ran errands, ate lunch at Arby's and shopped for Christmas decorations (this was my vision)
It was very crowded, but we made it to three stores before both E and I were completely over shopping! (I went home and took a nap!)

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