Friday, November 20, 2015

Christmas Parade

Our friends told us about a nearby Christmas parade, and since the boys have never seen a night parade, we decided to go! (E grumbled a bit because it was basketball night...)
We grabbed a quick dinner,
and waited with the crowd while the street was closed.
It's starting!!
a golf cart "sled"
fire truck, ambulance, people giving candy,

the horses moved!
Santa #1

a kid's gym
Sonic hot dog
Christmas show themes,
the indoor play place had a float...
Another Island of Misfit Toys
This one looked like a steamboat!
marching band!
B's favorite- the semi!
This was a cool car, but I didn't like that the grinch was laying down in the back, like he was dead.
Another one B loved- a very loud monster truck of Grinch being pulled by a dog.
I was surprised that there was only one church float.
gingerbread house!

The last float was Mr. and Mrs. Claus!
and E made it to basketball in time! :)
We loved it! Definitely want to watch it every year!

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