Friday, November 6, 2015

Farm Field Trip

E chaperoned B's first grade class trip!
Watching, always watching!

group picture
petting sheep,
Pulling their teacher past the lunch area on a "sled" (usually used to pull rocks for building)

"Mom, I got to squish milk out of a goat!"

making homemade butter! Shake, shake, shake!

holding a chick!



brushing a horse

feeding a goat

and a llama!

hammer for iron work
they saw some woodworking, petted a pig,

petted a duck

discussed compost
pulling leaves, rubbing them together to "wash" their hands, then smelling them.
Fun day at the Farm!
 On the bus ride back, B sat by two girls. When E asked him about it, he said, "Destiny is in love with me."

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