Sunday, November 1, 2015

Trick or Treat

At Chipotle right at five pm to get a discounted BOO-rito (First costumed people in line! As you can see the boys were thrilled.),
Then back home to eat and get ready for trick or treaters!
Tracts, check! Candy, check!

Photo shoot!

Aunt K, Uncle D and kids

W was a Hogwarts student (the Harry Potter wig and glasses were too uncomfortable) and B wore the bear costume my mom had made for my sister when we were little!

  Off for some candy!
 While I stayed home with Dianna and her friend Ali, blasted Kids Bop Halloween and handed out candy and tracts!
It started sprinkling for a second, but stopped and was great weather for the rest of the night. By 7 ish the boys came back; They said their bags were "too full"!! but that didn't stop them from one last candy stop at home!

They admired the tp tube "eyes" in the bushes
changed into Halloween pajamas.
and helped me hand out candy! (I wanted to call it a night and go inside, but B said, "I thought you were nocturnal?!" ha ha)
 Back inside!
 E changed his phone settings so Siri would call him "Big Tasty" and the guys watched football and spent (what felt like) nine hours discussing the time change....(Here, Doug tries to figure out what time he would have to get up if he went hunting tomorrow on our calendar white board...)
Kari got a charlie horse on the front of her leg and laughed so hard she cried,
while the kids enjoyed staying up late on a sugar high!
  Another fun Halloween!

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