Friday, December 11, 2015

Busy Busy!

Our week has been full!
E had a few days off (Unfortunately, most of it was spent with him not feeling well) but he was able to replace the light above the sink (and later, fill in the hole)!

I crossed some things off our Christmas bucket list!
We called Santa from an app, got an Emails from him, found out our elf names and scheduled a  call from the big guy  for next week!
We drove through a live nativity at a nearby church (in our jams!),
The flash is bright!

When we rolled down the windows so the boys could see better, the antlers from my car reindeer costume fell off! We had to put the van in park so W could open the door and get it. I told E to roll down the other window because I thought I would be fast enough to catch it before it fell, but I was wrong! We had to do it all over again, lol! Making memories!

 The Roman guard was legit- Big and gruff!

made a Pinterest Fail- it was supposed to look like an ornament!
hung Christmas cards on the bannister (with the clips I decorated),
 made our annual Christmas Story dinner

and ate "like the piggies eat"!

(W was a bit neater in his approach, then quickly switched to a fork!)

 then watched the movie (a new DVD to replace our old VHS tape)!

I also made and froze two types of cookie dough and a homemade lasagna for Christmas Eve, worked on class party gifts and treats, wrapped the last couple of gifts, created the picture collage to put in our cards, and finished the neighbor gifts! (E thinks they are dumb, but it is better than the boring old Christmas card we gave them last year!)
Phew! Only 14 more days!

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