Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas #1 and Santa's Cookies

Our first Christmas of 2015!
While waiting for everyone to arrive, we admired the full moon- first time since 1978 that there has been on full moon on Christmas Eve/Day!
Food first! Kari brought salad, dressing and breadsticks
I made a homemade lasagna (decorated with a pepper Christmas tree!)  and alfredo sauce,

and Dianna brought drinks and desserts (cracker toffee and mini oreo cheesecakes!) ! Yum!
Artie recovered nicely from running into two walls his first five minutes in the house!
Pictures before presents! The boys wore their "Christmas Rocks" shirts because Dianna always says, "you rock!"

Let the chaos begin!
Will got a super soft Harry Potter blanket!
B, opening his #1 gift list item- a Megazoid!
(He said, "I'm dreaming!  Yay! Finally!!
Two minutes later, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Dianna- "Do you like it?"
Yah, really bad!!
As he takes it to E to open, he falls down. "I think I fainted!"

This comic book creator is PERFECT for W! Can't wait to see the finished product!
Arty could care less about his presents, he wanted that Megazoid!! (B had to go play with it in his room!)
E tries to get him to go see his momma.
Lego Dimensions!!!
Dinotrux Garby from Aunt Kari and Uncle Doug!
E, Kari, Doug and I got gift cards and lottery tickets. I was the big winner!
Doug left early because his dad and Sue had just gotten to their house from Akron.

Living room madness!
E got it all on video!
Playing with all their new stuff!
W was a bit surprised (and bummed) that the directions to put together part of his Lego Dimension pieces can only be found on the actual game....
After everyone left, the boys changed into their new quidditch pajamas and set out a cookie plate (chocolate chip, oatmeal scotchie, shortbread wreath, pie crust candy cane kiss and iced gingerbread)!
Then it was time to make sure the house was perfect, (Santa does not come to a dirty house! So thankful for disposable cooking pans and paper plates/cups, ha ha!)

read our Christmas devotional and fun reading book, say prayer and go to bed!

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