Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas at Home

At 3:00 in the morning (!!) I heard running feet in the hallway, and W say, "B! Santa was here!"  (Here's what they saw:
I told the boys to go back to bed and not to get up for at least three hours.

At 7:00, they got back up and waited patiently while E and I went to the bathroom, got coffee (refrigerated frappuccino for me) and got the cameras.
One picture,
(B's shirt is on backward!!)
then presents!
B went right for the biggest one!

A Lego Minecraft set for W,

Xbox controller for B (to replace a broken one),
Lego hobbit set for B and Lego dimensions sets that W bought with his own money.
B kept saying, "Thanks mom, thanks dad!"
When he opened his blue camo blanket, he said, "I love camo! It's marines." E asked him how he knows that..."Because marines have blue and regular army has green."
 He put it on his bed right away. 

E and I opened the gifts the boys picked out for us at the church "Holiday House"...E got a tape measure, a screwdriver and a mug. I got a Santa mug with a lid, a red potholder and a "diamond" bracelet.
For W's room, a fold out desk,
 and two signs. (I made the HP one myself!)

Clothes! B got a Dinotrux and a camo shirt, and W got a bacon shirt and a very applicable school shirt.
The boys with their haul! (I thought it was too much and wanted to save some of the Lego Dimension sets for Easter, but E refused, saying, "Santa had a good year!")
Breakfast! Santa hat donuts! (and chocolate covered cherries, chocolate milk, eggnog, leftover desserts from last night, etc!)

Opening stockings. (E and I didn't mention them, we wanted to see how long it took the boys to remember them. B remembered almost immediately after opening presents!)

(I hung up my name stocking, so no idea where the unlabeled stocking with no hook came from!)
B with his loot!
Digging for gems. W got a blue sandstone, and B got a (miniscule chip of) real diamond!
After this, E and I took a nap! I went in our room and he slept on the couch. We woke up to watch the Amazing W perform with his new magic set! (He refused to use magic words! I was honestly tricked my the "floating wand" until I saw it from a different angle! ha ha)
Ta Da!!

The new perfection game was a waste of my four dollars- very small and didn't work! :(   I registered our Chick-fil-A calendar cards right away.

B puts together his very first big Lego set.
At least 8 hours of this:

Lunch was random leftovers, so for dinner, I made a ham and broccoli cheese casserole. (I also planned to make cherry limeade but the boys just wanted plain Sprite.

After the table was cleared, it was family puzzle time! We did W's Diary of a Wimpy Kid puzzle (which is missing two pieces). B had a very short attention span, and E got annoyed at people (me) not sharing the box. (Next year, I'll make three copies of the box picture!)

Happy Birthday, Jesus! A white cake with my homemade cranberry butter and homemade 2 ingredient white chocolate buttercream!
That's a lot of candles. By the time I got to "Jesus", "happy" was almost all melted! lol

The cake was pretty, but the icing was just ok....E and I were so stuffed from eating junk all day, (And I had put the cake on the upside down lid of my cake carrier, which means it wouldn't close so it would get stale pretty quickly...) so we threw the entire cake in the trash!

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