Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas at School

All ready for the day!
B got to wear pj's!
I was decked out, too, with a special Christmas tree manicure!

 In their bags, Christmas lunches! Yesterday everything was wrapped,
today it was a gingerbread house with Santa cheese, colored "bulbs", and a fruit Christmas tree!
For B's class party, I sent in a game,
and made toy soldier juice boxes.
For W's class, I made a fruit tray,
and W helped make cookies

and put together an evangelizing candy cane gift.

(W asked to do some for his teachers too because he is not sure if they are saved!)

We didn't forget the teachers, they got Chick-fil-A! (Calendar for B's teacher, gift cards for W's team teachers..Gave me a good excuse to stop in to get an iced coffee!)

I went into school around two to see the boys at their parties. W was watching a movie and eating snacks.

B was doing the same, for a while...

 then they tried to play the game (a couple of kids broke their candy canes so there weren't enough),

passed books for a gift exchange,
  and got stockings from their teacher!
 Then we joined the whole school for a Christmas carol sing-a-long in the gym!
 The high school by audition only choir even performed a few songs,
 They came home with a ton of treats!
So much fun! Only one week until the real thing!

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