Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Break So Far

Choir performance
No church that night, so I had more time to make Spinach Artichoke dip for pageant night! (Steve Harvey as host certainly changed it up! I thought for sure Miss Colombia was a man, but I felt bad for him/her during the mis-crowning!)

Started watching the multitude of Christmas shows on the DVR

B handed me this note on a wrapped present, with a piece of candy and a "diamond". So sweet!

Since the old video camera is being replaced, we took some time to watch the old videos. W at two days old in the hospital, his first bath,
middle of the night baby smiles, his first Christmas, laughing at the sound of a vitamin bottle, his second birthday,valentines and Easter and Christmas showing off his reading skills,

kid's choir

but the only glimpses of B were his first haircut and  birthday! I'm going to tape everything from now on! They were so little and precious and I admit- I cried! For a brief minute, it made me want to have five more babies!

Traditional special pancakes- elves this year!

B's gift of the day for me, a homemade Lego set complete with instructions!
making gingerbread cookies

I love the icing recipe we used to ice.
Got to use our nativity set cookie cutters!
Didn't W do a great job?!

watching White Christmas and having a sleepover around the tree

delivering neighbor gifts,
free polar express movie!
   Serve yourself popcorn!
 We found some friends there!
 and more treats for Santa- candy cane kiss cookies!
 Our first Christmas is tomorrow!!

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