Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mrs. Clause and Candyland

One of our favorite nights- Prasco Park!
We have been so lucky to get tickets three years in a row! They are free but sign ups fill up in minutes!

We started our night meeting Kari and her kids at a restaurant we haven't tried before, (Piada-meh. The best part was the cheese sticks.)


then met Dan at Prasco. A quick wait in line, (and a bag check) then we were in!

Writing a letter for Santa,
 a picture with Mrs. Clause,
some cookies, hot chocolate and ice cream, a lot of police man sightings, one more picture,
then Kara, her family and her extended family joined up with us!
The song from Frozen and actual snow!
the boys had no interest in going out on the floor for it, ha haha!

Kari and I took our traditional photo,
then we took the nativity walk (with contant "Don't touch" reminders for our kids!) and got ready to meet Santa!
Another great picture!

Some excellent hot chocolate and sweets everywhere!!

Like everywhere else, they had great decorations. (Which was much nicer to look at than the PUKE that some poor, sugared up kid left at the entrance! Thankfully, It was cleaned up quickly!)
On our way out, the boys got gifts, we got a book as a family, passed a prayer request kiosk and took a couple of more pictures!
So much fun!

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