Wednesday, December 2, 2015

O, Christmas Tree

We decided to have a live tree this year (our very first)!

We looked at some at Home Depot on Saturday, and even found some, but it was crowded, cold and rainy, so we left empty-handed.
On Monday, the kids and I decided if we didn't get one that night, we were going to go with the fake tree. So, E stopped by the mall parking lot and brought home this! The boys helped set it up,
and put on the lights.
So far, I wasn't impressed. The needles made a giant mess
the pine smell filled my nose, and the bluish LED lights were sparse and ugly on the inside and outside!
 Maybe the decorations will make it better....

But first, we gave the boys their annual ornaments.
W got bowling because he started a new sport,
and although I could have gotten B the same thing,
 instead, he got a bike because he learned to ride this year!
 My ornament was very fitting for my year! (All it needs is a straw!)
 The boys put up those, and all other, ornaments all by themselves!
A bit better, but I still didn't love it.....
  What made it much better for me, was the colored lights!

  It turns the living room into a disco,  and it looks better from outside!
It goes well with my wreath wall, too!

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