Sunday, December 13, 2015

Singing, Santa and Sick Sunday

A preview of that night's concert in the morning service. 
Lunch with "Santa" at White Castle (his beard kept falling down, lol!),
haircuts for me and W, (a mullet! ugh, time to find a new hairdresser!) a nap and a quick dinner (where W only picked and complained of a sore throat. I checked and he did not have a temp.) then the C.R.E.W Kid's choir performance!

W was not thrilled to be a "shaggy, smelly sheep",
but tolerated it (because it was either that or have a speaking part!).
B was mostly hidden by a microphone and baby sheep,

but still did his best. (To be honest, I kind of missed him being wild and funny...).

About halfway through, W drooped and went pale.

When the play was over, we found out W had a fever (103.6)!
That little lamb went right home to bed!

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