Sunday, December 6, 2015

That's a Wrap!

Last night, E and I got the presents out of our closet (temporarily)!
 I divided the presents into piles of which Christmas they would be given (so as to evenly distribute the wrapping paper), and used my Christmas organization binder to determine which presents for the boys were from Santa and which ones were from us (Santa's presents get different paper and tags).
 E said he was "too old to be sitting on the floor", and grumbled about sharing a pen (especially when he later found out I had had one sitting next to me in my wrapping station the whole time but didn't realize it....) but stuck with it.
More than two hours later, it was midnight and I thought to ask E if he had looked for or removed ANY price tags....Nope.
Neither of us had!
Guess it will be a Minnie Pearl Christmas!

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