Monday, December 28, 2015

Third Christmas

After sleeping in- breakfast was bread dough cinnamon rolls with homemade cream cheese icing, yum!
Church. Tom and Sherri went to his old church, Morgan came with us to ours.
B and his "twin", AB.
We went to Frisch's for lunch, (Morgan said, "You guys put tartar sauce on everything!" and Tom's onion rings he was so excited about, were first cold, then greasy and overdone.)  and got ready for that night's festivities- Turkey in the roaster borrowed from Kari and Doug, potatoes in the crockpot, extra sides assigned (My SIL makes amazing sweet potatoes!) one pie made (sugar cream) , one bought (Bob Evans chocolate silk) and cranberry sauce sliced!

We even made some edible elf hats to eat while we watched Prep and Landing later that night!
Time for everyone to arrive! Morgan said she didn't bring a lot to wear, then comes out all Christmas!
Kari, Doug, Artie and R arrive! W is such a good cousin!
Dinner is served!  E made the gravy (with a cold roaster and an extra secret ingredient), I sliced the loaves of bread and whipped the potatoes, while Doug sliced up the turkey like he did at Thanksgiving. (It sure was crowded in the kitchen!)
After eating, we tortured the kids took family pictures.
One for the wall,
One with all the "kids"
and a group shot. (Diet starts Jan 1!)
An outtake-Sherry has an angel halo!
Finally, it was present time! (Or, for E, video making time!)
Artie loved W's magic hat from an earlier Christmas...and the slide we gave him! :)
A Johnny Test video game!

B, opening a big gift!

(Doug and E opened this one right away!)
I wanted to video. E takes a picture!
My niece with her jewelry set from Morgan.
A crystal puzzle! A great challenge!
Lego Hobbit game!
Morgan wearing the visor from Kari and Doug and the head scarf from us. She is all set for cold mornings with the rowing team!
Harry Potter wall stickers for his room!
E opening his new Dry fit Bengals shirt. (You know he really likes it because he wore it before washing it!)
After everyone was done opening, I washed the roaster and  my present- a new knife set with a sharpener! Can't wait to cut things with knives that are actually sharp!

The favorite gift of the night (the kids fought over it!) was the fighting robots....
W was so sweet to let R play with his robot while he started on his Minecraft videos!
Pie for dessert, then Kari and Doug left.
We watched a thirty minute elf show and ate the snacks we made earlier, then it was the boys' bedtime!

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