Sunday, December 20, 2015

Three Special Meals

Breakfast with Santa Cow!
When the store announced it, they used the picture of W and B from last year! (They are famous!)
This year, they still gave hugs,
but now they had a place to sit! (I cross stitched their shirts myself!)
 we didn't eat,( just had drinks because we were headed to a food party!)
and instead of crafts, they had markers and postcards to mail to Santa!

 After running into the library for Library Stars Program, it was off to bowling (E didn't go because he wanted to buy his coworker gifts.)with our reindeer brownies!
 Tons of other junk food!

 W ate so much his stomach hurt! (No need to make lunch!)
 B's teammates didn't show, and W's team bowled really slow. Took forever!

After a stop for donuts for tomorrow's breakfast, we came home to this:
 Kudos for E making his own cookies for work, I guess! (So glad he cleaned up his own mess!)
W's best friend over to sleepover and dinner- it wouldn't be Elf night without spaghetti and syrup...
(W's friend brought a tiny bottle of syrup and pulled it out of his sleeve to add to his noodles! ha ha ha)
 and a burping contest!
 Movie time!
 A fun, food-filled day!

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