Thursday, December 17, 2015

W is 10 and 1/2!

His tenth year was

Mocking the Cat in the Hat theme song, "Here we go, go go go on an adventure, We're flying with some stranger we don't know today!"

fruit butts are hilarious

Krispy Kreme donuts are his favorite!
Wants his hair to look like this (as long as he keeps it off of his ears and collar!)

Likes the songs "Uptown Funk" and Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Good Night"
Organized his friends for a Quidditch practice.
Tried to convince me I wasn't too old to give him a baby sister because "God gave Abraham and Sara a baby and he was over 100 years old!"

At Open House for his school, he was told he had to have a book to read with him at all times. His response? "Done and Done!" :)

hat hair!
 Proved he was his father's son by pointing out our car in the parking lot because he had memorized the license plate! (E does that a lot!)

Had to make him carry around air freshener to spray behind him, pee-yew!

crazy after-shower hair!

When I asked him if he could have any superpower what would it be, he said he wanted all the superpowers. I said, "not me, too much responsibility!" He replied, " I'm not going to save the world or anything, I'm too lazy for that!"

I turn on the radio. Will says, "this sounds like 19 something music, you know, oldies!" ‪#‎late90s

Loves the theme music from the Hobby Lobby commercials.

At bedtime, wanted snuggles, so he laid down between two pillows. "I want to feel the hug, but I don't want you to physically touch me."            !!!

His hair, yikes! Sometimes the back looks like a duck's behind!

Entered a Diary of a Wimpy Kid contest.

Cleaned practically the whole house so he could buy a 12.00 Hobbit Lego set!

On weekends, the boys have sleepovers with each other in W's room. One Friday night, he asked if him and B could stay up as late as they want as long as they were quiet...turns out he didn't want to talk to his brother, he just wanted to read! lol

On a family visit- "How come here it is all 'What happens at Nanny and Papaw's stays at Nanny and Papaw's', but at home, everything we do goes on the blog?!?!

Mom, what do sea creatures say when they see something weird? AQUA-ed!

Decided to make and sell his own comic books!

Still cannot sleep without his fan blowing directly on his feet.

When I told him that I as tired of reminding him about his Awana verses and that I would leave him alone and he could pass or not pass on his own schedule, he cried "But, I want you to nag me!".
Had to ban W from taking his comics to school because he was doing them instead of paying attention in math class.
With a friend during his school's walk-a-thon.
The first couple of Wednesday nights of Awana were pretty rough...On 10/14, I said to W, "Hey, it's Wednesday and you're not sad!" I gave him a high five, then tried to hold his hand. When he pulled away, he said, "Now, you're sad!"
At the library on a day off school (where we found out that because of W, there is a limit to how many free bookmarks you can get now!) ha ha

Dissected an owl pellet at school.

The Project he told me about two days before it was due, I helped him all night...Then the day before it was due, after spending an entire EXTRA HOUR with his teacher, he came home without getting the materials he needed! ARRRGGGHH! He did it all himself, and got a B!
Taught his brother the following song:
gummy bears are chasing me
one is red, one is blue
one is picking at my shoe
Now I'm running for my life
because the red one has a knife!
 At Grandparent's dinner at school
He came up with this on Halloween to say thank you to Nuna for the book fair item presents she bought him at Grandparent's dinner...  (says Thank BOO for the BOOk fair iSTEMS. (stem for pumpkins) ha ha

Wears his watch OVER his shirt sleeves!

Two best friends at school, Devin and Hailey.

At parent-teacher conferences, W's teachers said that he was one of the top 3 students in the entire fifth grade, but he gets too distracted by books and misses instruction and is a bit apathetic. They worry, like I do, that his natural intelligence won't get him very far in junior high. 

 Loves sleeping with the Fall candy corn lights I found on clearance.

We finished reading through Accidental Adventures: We Did Not Get Eaten by Yaks at bedtime.

Learned game Aces, Jumbles and Zilch at STEM and taught it to me.

Weird homework positions!

Favorite item of clothing- Spiderman pj's.
Did not get to compete in the school spelling bee because he mispelled boycott". I said, "Nooooo"..he shrugged, unconcerned. "It's just more studying."

How he eats pasta rosette..
When I was trying to convince B to give me a snuggle I said, "But your my only baby!" W said, "Your ONLY baby, really?!"

Playing with his food- turned the pepperoni into a mushroom!!
Found these at the Dollar Tree to help solve his forgetting problem!
Took a MAP test at school, and got the HIGHEST GRADE IN THE WHOLE FIFTH GRADE!

Love the one-on-one attention he gets at bowling!

With his best friend, DA, at the mall.
With the robot he made from S.T.E.M.
Giant, cheesy smile at the drive-thru nativity.

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