Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Children's Museum

Sunday night, my bff Kari Falk texted and asked if we had any plans for the next day (MLK Jr. day, no school), when she found out we had no morning plans, she invited us to go with her and her boys to the Children's museum!
That was an easy yes!
The boys didn't remember going two years ago, so they got to be excited all over again for the ball area...
the Woods (which was closed last time)

the water area,

the animal exhibit,

the model town,
the construction site (where B delighted in dropping things on unsuspecting kids' heads, and

and W used foam tiles in unapproved ways!)

We briefly explored different people groups,
and their music,
enjoyed a snack at the entrance of the Lego exhibit (too expensive for us!)
and visited the history museum for a run through of the cave and the ice age!
We braved the cold walk back to the car, then drove closer to home. The boys and I ate lunch in the parking of a community gym before going in (and filling it forms where I had to say my age, ugh.)  and spent almost two hours at the free swim! (water jogging for me!)

A quick dinner, then I was off to coach cheerleading practice!
A fun, busy day!

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