Friday, January 15, 2016

Day Off Potions and Games

Ben, our little self-proclaimed "Potions Master" has been begging me for a week to experiment. Since the boys had a day off school today, I finally gave in.
      He tried different combinations of vinegar, water, oil, OJ, baking soda, salt and sugar (with some food coloring for fun) and recorded his results.
The final mixture of everything definitely looked like an evil potion!
W had made a Lego chess board earlier so we played that (W beat me! The next day, both the boys beat me on our regular chess set!) then I taught the boys to play Chinese Checkers.
 I tried out Jamberry, (a year or so behind the times) but wasn't wowed by it.
For dinner, I tried making French fries out of roasted turnips- dinner fail!

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