Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Eating Healthy: This Week's Menu

BREAKFASTS (around 200 calories)
Banana and peanut butter
Ham and hard boiled eggs
Omelet (1 egg, 1 egg white, piece of sausage, fresh spinach, half piece cheese)
Coconut flakes and almond milk (I thought it was no carb, but coconut is all carbs! :(  )
Smoothie (spinach, avocado, banana, grape this time) and pb
Oats and fruit

LUNCHES (around 300 calories)
Veggie beef soup (made from leftover roast) and cheese stick
peanut butter sandwich
Chicken and avacado wraps (good on Doritos too!)
Leftover taco salad
Cuban sandwich (from pork roast)
BLT lettuce wrap

DINNERS (around 500 calories)
Pot roast and carrots
Steak and asparagus
Baked chicken and broccoli
Steak and spinach quesadilla with salsa
Taco salad
Pork loin and mashed cauliflower, carrots
pork and veggie fried rice (I only ate half the egg roll.)
 baked cod and Bacon roasted brussel sprouts

Instead of sending meat and chips, or making burritos, I made little taco cups!

SNACKS (1-200 calories)
Yogurt and granola
spinach "chips"

Fresh fruit
"baked" apple
carrot sticks and hummus
Protein shake

fried turnip "potatoes"
cucumber & tomato cubes in Olive Garden dressing or avocado
portabello pizzas (only 100 calories each)!
cheeseburgers (using tomatoes as a bun), roasted cauliflower fries
tuna salad with cabbage slaw for crunch
mushroom spinach chicken
salami and provolone roll up
baked salmon
A new kind of cereal

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