Saturday, January 16, 2016

First Game Day! Basketball 2016

The boys first game day was super busy! We went straight from bowling to B's game!
He sat the bench the first period.
Putting on his game face.
down the court!
a hi-5 from Coach Dad
B needs to work on actually guarding, and dribbling lower.
B got a basket! (It looked like a miracle shot-hit the bottom of the rim, and then went in! This pic is of a different attempt.)
Getting stars...
After lunch at Chick-fil-A (thanks to Christmas gift cards from Don and Sue), it was back to the court, for W's game!

My cheerleaders were performing at the same time, (Here they are minus one with my assistant coach.)
so I wasn't able to take pictures. E took a few....
Fifth grade is the first year they actually keep score, and W was very disappointed that their team lost 47-9. He earned a blue star and got a concession stand ticket, though!

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