Friday, January 8, 2016

First Week of January 2016

I taught Sunday School and got a picture of W doing an illustration/game,
 and a video of B grooving to a song!

First official practice for Power Squad, my Upward cheer team! We learned three new cheers! :)
snowflake craft!

Back to AWANA!

Boys' first Upward basketball practices of the season! E is head coach of B's team, (then leaves to play on his own basketball league)
and W looks so little compared to his teammates!
B, cheering on his big brother!

E was feeling snacky after going grocery shopping. I suggested carrots and hummus, which he said was, "ridiculous". So, we attempted our own spicy tuna rolls! It was fun to work together in the kitchen!
He rolled them much better than I did, too!

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