Sunday, January 10, 2016

Indiana Christmas

This weekend, we went to see Nanny and Papaw!
I didn't come empty handed! Part of dad's gift was my homemade Butterfingers!
E bought the boys special drinks for the ride! (They are sitting so close together because they were on the ipad.)
Opening presents!
 Ben looks at his new books.

 We got mom two kinds of tea, blackberry syrup, W's homemade calendar, honey and cards. 
 Dad's temperature gauge to put on his new garage overhang. Next year, I'm going to try to get him Last Man Standing dvd's because he loves it so much (mentions it every time we talk)!
 I got books, a sandwich cutter, a cast iron skillet etc, B got "handsome clothes"!
 We got Justice a stocking with oysters, two pairs of earbuds etc, and gave Zach light up stuff and a camo shirt he can wear to school!
E, who was showing off our new video camera,  got books and a super soft blanket.
 Action Bible devotional for W!
 A little extra we brought along with everyone's presents!
Mom and dad made us watch this movie...
but I had to suffer alone because E fell asleep! (It wasn't a bad movie.)
I played Trouble with the boys,

Autumn came over, then I made garlic pasta for dinner.

Nate got up for work and I gave him his Christmas presents (Harry Potter book, Princess Bride cross stitch and white chocolate covered pretzels.), E disappeared to the barn to watch the Bengals in the playoff game (I got a text as I was going to bed with a happy face, then a sad face, then a nervous face)... I went to bed earlier but poor E was exhausted from the stressful Bengals loss (had to feel too many feelings, I guess).

The next morning, he slept in while I woke up to ice and snow,
 church was cancelled, so we had a family devotional.

Mom made an awesome breakfast of blackberry tea, french toast, eggs and sausage, (Where we reminisced about Dad flipping people off and how he is like Donald Duck..... I am now forbidden to write his eulogy, even though I have demonstrated my awesome funeral planning skills by writing what will be on mom's tombstone-"I told you I was sick!". Dad also started a sentence with the words, "You are fat because...") and for Justice, leftover garlic pasta

Autumn was picked up to go to the hospital because she thought she had a blood clot (turned out to be a pulled muscle) we watched UHF.
ate my homemade five hour beef stew with rolls,
and headed home!

Love seeing my family!

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