Sunday, January 31, 2016

Last Hurrah of January

Friday night, we had game night with the Falks! While we were at Chipotle eating dinner, we got this on our van!
I didn't win either of our games of Catan which is "the worst"! Kari Falk gave us a hard time, "I didn't know I was supposed to bring a gross dessert!" (because we are on a diet).

The next morning, E took the boys to bowling so I could work out, shower and pack for our evening plans.
B used an eight pound ball, barely touched the sides and bowled a 110 and THIS!

 W was grouchy and tired from staying up too late, so he didn't bowl very well.
They picked me up for B's game...
After halftime, I got my gift card for being seen with my Upward sticker on the van- ITunes!

B did awesome on defense,
 and got interviewed for the weekly online video!
 After a quick lunch of leftovers and lunchmeat, it was back to FBCGE for W's game. My girls were cheering at the same time, again, so I only got to see him during the run through. (E taped it with our video camera, though and is creating a highlight reel.)

My squad did a good job and even did our first stunt of the year during half time!

 Immediately after W's game, we picked up some pretzel bread at Jungle Jim's and headed to Dayton to visit Jen and Dan!

The boys got tired in the car....

 and completely missed the new "butter Jesus". (Great photography skills, huh?!)
 Third shot's a charm!
 As soon as we got to Jen and Dan's, we left again for dinner! I've been craving wings, so we went to B-dubs! The boys liked it there, I wonder why? ha ha
 My wing and salad (mixed with some ranch dressing, yum!) were good! Jen and I walked it off browsing
a nearby Trader Joe's, and taking the long way home so we can listen to songs from the Twilight soundtrack. (Wonder how long it will take E and Dan to realize that we never "come right back" when we leave them with the kids, ha haha ha ha!)

 We enjoyed some treats- Jen's signature drink and the popcorn Dan popped for us! (W couldn't stay out of it!)
 After the kids were in bed and the men finished their super realistic basketball game on Dan's new Xbox, we played Catan (E won. I blame my super twitchy eye for my loss!) and hit the hay!

The next morning, we packed up, ate some granola bars (Quest s'mores and cookies n crème, cost 5.00 but just meh)  and headed back home!

The boys played outside after lunch. We love this warmer weather! (Window's open, dinner cooking and the sound of wind chimes!!) Does this mean it is Spring already?
Tonight is a church business meeting, then it is back to business as usual!

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