Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Eve

Dressing up for the occasion!
A ball drop craft!
Dinner with the Falks at Panera. (The sub place we wanted to go was closed. Walked into a place called Zoup!, but they didn't have anything that sounded good.)
Catan, of course!
Both games started off with 3 sevens!
(check out all my drinks- Could that be the cause of my weight problem??
Look how cute our kids are!
Kari had gotten some of her favorite sponge candy at Christmas. She handed me the bag to try a piece and said firmly, "ONLY ONE!" ha ha ha
candy, Cheetos and fondue! (Slight math error when trying to make 1 and half of the recipe...but still delicious! :)
Play Monopoly they said, it would be fun, they said...
as Kari beat us twice in a row! I was the happy meal box...what are they trying to say?!

We played 7up, 7 down (similar to Euchre) and then it was time for the ball drop!

Downstairs, we handed out blowers and poppers

and counted down!
Happy New Year!
Can't think of a better way to ring in a New Year than with great friends!

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