Sunday, January 24, 2016

Upward Saturday, week 2

E was gone to his concealed carry class all day, so the boys and I skipped bowling this week and enjoyed a leisurely healthy pancake taste test instead!

While the boys watched Odd Squad,
I worked out, showered, and put some finishing touches on a poster...
then we headed to B's game.
Ready to play!
 My friend, Kara was filling in for E as B's coach, but he still started off on the bench! ( :) )
 I held up my sign anyway! (It was sign day at Upward, after all!)
 B guarded much better this week,
 made a shot his first period in the game, and generally did great!
He did lose his shoe once, ha ha ha
A Chick-fil-A lunch break, (Thanks to a Christmas gift card from Don and Sue!)
then it was back for another game, with another poster!
(I'm not saying he IS Michael Jordan,
I'm just saying that no one
has seen him and Michael Jordan
in the same room at the same time.... ha ha)
 My cheer squad was cheering at the same time W played,
so my sweet MIL came to sit with B and watch. (I felt so bad that I forgot to tell her what court he was on, so she had to move!)
 My assistant coach did the stars after the game, so I could go be with W and his team,

and hand out the snack. 
 We got home just before E finished his class.  (Now he is shopping for another hand gun and holsters!)
 I made cauliflower pizza casserole for dinner (W hated it, but "ate barely anything else all day" E had six servings!)
 We ended our busy day downstairs, with a fire, s'mores and a movie-Hotel Transylvania 2!
Love spending time with my family!

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