Thursday, February 4, 2016

B is 6 1/2!

While working out with me, I told him if his hand weights get too heavy, to put the weights down. I told him that sometimes the weights get too heavy for mom and dad and we have to put them down. He said, "Well, the weights never get too heavy for me, so I am stronger than you and dad."

At O'Charley's
When I was talking to the boys about chores/allowance, B said, "I don't want to EARN money, I want to FIND it! (me too, lol!)

When he heard a restaurant didn't have a drive-through, "Well, that's plain annoying". (I agree!)

Jokes- What do you call a rolling elephant? A Rolly Mammoth!
 What do you call it when your neck throws? a THROWt!

Spanked a mime at Jungle Jim's 40th anniversary event.

overflowed a toilet on his second day of first grade. Had a really hard time adjusting to being at school all day, lots of crying and visits to the nurse's office. :(

Found his dream vehicle...
"It has two doors in the back! It's a semicircle; that's my favorite shape!"

Lost his first tooth! 8/24

Said there are two options for fixing his hair- "cool hair" or swept to the side "date hair"! When I asked him about it, he said, "you know, when you go to a restaurant..."  

Tried to lead the choir during their practice.

"The best thing about brothers is getting a piggy back ride when you don't feel like walking".(Will, "for me, it's the worst! Hurts my neck!"

made the cast of Princess Bride out of Lego minifigs! (The guy on the end is "inconceivable"!)

fed a giraffe at the zoo!

What did the _____ (mammoth, alligator, brachiosaurus) say to the _____(elephant, crocodile, giraffe)
"Hey, cuz!"

Started a five week soccer clinic! His first soccer experience. The first week was rained out.

Went to the school nurse almost every day to get a bandaid for his Monkey bars injuries. I asked him why he doesn't stop doing the monkey bars..."Because I love them." Now we pack bandaids in his backpack.

Has moved his clip to the highest color in his classroom three or four times already because of extra effort on his papers! I can tell he takes his time more now when he writes!

 Kicked the soccer ball and it hurt his foot a little bit, fell down and pretended to be dead. W came over and was shaking/pretend slapping him alive, and B said, "No you have to kiss and blow into my mouth!"  (W did not.)

B:"You know what is long and boring about school in the morning? We have to write a sentence with dry erase markers!"
me: Just one sentence?
B: No, TWO! Hard life!

B informed us that he was a death eater (a bad guy from Harry Potter) when W said, "No, you are not. Where's your tattoo?", B went to his room and did this to himself!

(It was NOT a washable marker...sigh!)

Lost his second tooth! Video HERE.

Every since E measured his height and told him he was as tall as W was when W was eight years old, he has been obsessed with weighing himself trying to get to 80lbs so he can get out of his car seat! (have to be 8yrs old or 80lbs in Ohio)

Loves wearing the bear costume my mom made for Aunt Autumn when we were kids.

Finally got it on video how he mispronounces "slug bug no return".... VIDEO
Obsessed with butts! I can't tell you how many times I have told him we do not write about, draw or talk about private areas!

All about playing school and asking subtraction problems...

Had an eye test at school, decided that because he had a hard time seeing one that he needed to wear W's costume glasses!

has stopped waving and saying I love you in sign language when he gets on the bus like he used to. Now he doesn't even look!  :(
 Wanted to be a zombie clown for Halloween (I veto).

Ten minutes after breakfast and roughly two minutes after we got to bowling!
Decided to start reading Harry Potter on the night Nuna came over for dinner. (After insisting she go through her Nuna bag right then!)
We heard him laugh out loud while taking a bath, when we asked him what was so funny, he said, "I farted!"

obsessed with butts! Talks about them way too much, and even draws them!

goofing around at the library
At the pumpkin farm
The boys having screen time at a sleepover with their Nuna. He was not happy to sleep on a polka dot bed!

A boy on B's bowling team, "snake bowlers", is left-handed, so B decided he wants to bowl left-handed, too!

sleeping while the Tica family (missionaries from the Philippines) presented at church.

Made a behavior chart for us. Almost immediately he made W "clip down" for accidentally tripping him, then said he could clip up if he did B's after dinnner job! He also said that "Dad can stay on green because he always does the right thing."

Threatened candy-givers at trunk or treat while he was dressed as Spiderman, "Give  me more candy or I'll shoot you with my web!"

started a constant tiny cough/throat clear.

Said he had "thunderpants" because when he farts in his underpants, it sounds like thunder.

When he had a chance to pick anything he wanted from the book fair.....didn't pick a book! lol
Fixed his bed tent so it gave him "shade" and he could throw his dirty laundry off of it into his laundry basket!
His face when I greeted the bus in my costume the day before Halloween!

pick up sticks  during sunday school

Parent teacher conferences- B's teacher said he was a good kid, but has trouble following directions because he would rather talk. She also said he should stay away from Nathan, Brogan and Sam.

Loves sleeping with the Fall candy corn lights I found on clearance.
I always put B to bed first, then W. At the end of each night's reading, I say "duh duh DUH" (a to be continued/build suspense noise) and B has started doing that with me, all the way from his room, when he is supposed to be sleeping!

taught himself to burp on command (Oh joy!)

Before his field trip to the farm, sang a version of Roar, "You're gonna see me CHORE!"  lol  and came home from field trip saying that he got to "squish milk out of a goat" and that "Destiny is in love with (him).

Wanted to teach me the clapping game "Lemonade Crunchy EYES". (supposed to be ICE)

"I like every number that has an eight in it."

Why are chickens afraid of chickens? Because they are CHICKEN!

With Zachy-game night at the Falks!

His favorite candy used to be plain Hershey's, now it is Kit Kat. We had to move his Halloween candy out of his room because he was eating it when he wasn't allowed.

Went through a Janitor phase.
 being silly with a sucker.


The day after watching Home Alone...Be afraid!
 My little gingerbread man!

He bought himself a present at the church's Holiday House! lol

From the night I helped in his Wednesday night class when my class had no students....
reading from the REAL Christmas story, and showing how God is bigger than Goliath.
Showing off the poster he earned from the Library Stars program! (Check out the skull picture...he said he wanted a "skull decoration" for Christmas, so I printed off the coloring page as a placeholder, and spent a couple of nights cross-stitching skull, only to find out he wants an actual skull, not just a picture!)
Playing with the air blower at bowling..."Ahhh...It feels good on my earwax!"
My wild beast after eating a ton of sugar at Prasco Park!
Fixed the "pipe" in his room/Janitor's Office. Asks me if I want it hot, warm or cool!
Brought me gifts every day in the week leading up to Christmas. First day, said his gift was to call me "momma" from now on. Second day was a homemade lego set from him. So sweet!!

A reindeer worksheet from school...

 My handsome fuzzy bunny while watching White Christmas.
After getting a Chick-fil-A calendar for Christmas, I tried to get him to explain it to the camera. What's that calendar have in it?
B- months.

to a stranger after petting her goldendoodle, "Your dog is so soft! I want to make a blanket out of him!"

while jammin' to a cd I bought in the five dollar bin at Walmart, "I am a man of rock..."

"Do you know why I like to go to other people's houses? Because their walls aren't this color. I'm bored with this."

started hoarding our recyclables under his bed to build a car. Here are his blueprints...

When saw I had put fresh spinach on his lunch..." I don't like leaves on my pizza!"

Decided his new job was "potions master". The company he works for is called "West Central" and he gets information from his boss through his Game Boy!
  We went to lunch at Chick-fil-A, and that started B's interest in non-fiction reading and writing.
 We really need to work on his spelling..
 So tender hearted! He came home from school, sobbing, because the school secretary got a promotion to the head office and was leaving his school!

At the Children's museum!
Made these after our museum visit.

was the caught being good winner at school! Got funny glasses and a Wendy's kid's meal.
had been watching a LOT of Odd Squad on his ipad,  so he decided his name was "Olaf" and his favorite things were potatoes!

No matter how many times I tell him differently, he insists his middle name is "jammin' Scott"!
Had "bee week" at school. Got a book about bees.
Now wants to be a beekeeper.
I told him he couldn't go out to play beekeeper because it was "freezing". He put a cup of water outside to prove me wrong!
On a road trip to Jen and Dan's

Still loves playing in flour.

Fave cereal is Cocoa Crispies or Krave (chocolate).

Best friend is McKenna, who is six years old, goes to church, has freckles, long dark hair and blue eyes. They sit together at lunch and she picks what they play at recess.

Today, I cut all the food in his lunchbox in half because it is his half birthday! I wonder if he will notice..

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