Saturday, February 13, 2016

Couples Retreat

Last night, after 11 years of missing it, E and I finally made it to our church's annual Valentine Sweetheart's weekend (well, part of it, anyway)!  The last time we went to a couples retreat, we had only been married a month or two!

While the boys stayed with Kari and Doug (and learned how to add sound effects to videos)
E and I headed to my favorite restaurant, Maggianos! (The selfie was to have something to send on snapchat- I just added the app to my phone and am trying to figure it out!)
Even though I had to sit near E Throckmorton in the sauna they call the upstairs, I still had a good time! We valeted the car, I had brought a short sleeve shirt to change into,

got to tease Brad Bove for bringing his own drinks, tried food from Darryl Beasley's plate, watch BLT spill water on her hubby, and eat fried zucchini, Rigatoni D and my very own crème brulee!

After dinner, we declined paying with credit card roulette (they would have to pry the card out of Eric's cold, dead hands!) and went to a hotel with everyone (32 people) for bluegrass music
candy (broke my back left dental crown, ouch!)

and games like guess the couple and ipad charades.

We competed in the second round of the newlywed game and did NOT do well. (I had tried to quiz him on the way up, but when I asked "What is the most annoying habit of your partner", he said, "asking me a lot of questions"!) E said he did 60% of the housework, thinks that I have paid fifty dollars for a pair of shoes and said I initiated our first kiss- WRONG! I didn't do any better on my questions-maybe another 12 years of marriage and we'll be able to get some questions right!

We left right after B Bove one-upped Pastor's "I love my wife" shirt....

had to get the boys home to bed- we had a busy day of sports ahead!

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