Saturday, February 27, 2016

Game Night with the Boves

We finally were able to schedule a game night with our friends from church, the Boves!

Pizza for dinner! (LaRosa's, so I had half a baked royale sandwich.)
Video games....
and Narnia for the kids,

and lots of board games for the adults!

In Scrabble, Brad Bove demonstrated his "unique" cup shaking style,
which distracted us so much that he ended up winning! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)
We did not do very well in Qwirkle either...E said, "This game is dumb."
After a Xavier basketball, fondue and other kind of breaks (guess where I am! ha haha ha)
I FINALLY managed a win in Buzzword (Sorry, E you are replaced by Melissa Bove as my Buzzword partner permanently!) despite Brad's knowledge of questionable shows and songs! (He didn't know how to finish the quote, "If I told you you had a beautiful body..., though! ha ha) Apparently, I make a "getting you on a technicality face", I've got to work on that!

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