Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hogwarts comes to the Library

Tonight was Harry Potter night at the library!

There was a big line!
There were people dressed up like Gandalf, (?!?!) a girl with big toy snake, librarians dressed up like Tonks, Bellatrix LeStrange, etc.

We met our friends, the Falks there.
The entrance.
 First stop was being sorted into houses and a wanted poster photo app. 

 Then they got new wands!
 The "make your own map" with "disappearing ink" was a bust, so it was off to snacks (golden snitches, pretzel wands, Bertie Bott beans, sherbert lemon, butter beer and polyjuice potion)  in the "great hall"!
 Some real owls,
 a trivia contest, 
 a horocrux scavenger hunt (The library had even written on the bathroom mirror!) and a Defense Against the Dark Arts class with a dementor pinata!
  (I should have gotten more pictures, but I was bushed from a full day of sports!)

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