Saturday, February 27, 2016

Last Day of Bowling League

 Today was the last day of the boys' bowling league!

We got to bowl for free as a family! (Hooray for saving that weekly $15.00! We chose bumpers :) )
Ben took his favorite spot, right between the fans and the keypad!
 A couple of frames in,  E pointed out that I was bowling in my tennis shoes, oops! 

Everyone played "8 pin no tap" which means that if you bowl an 8, it is counted as a strike! Eric really took advantage of that rule!
(He ended up with a 249.)

 We stopped at 10:30 to go into the back of the bar for food (pizza and a LOT of sweets)
(Confession time, I convinced W to get me a donut!)
and awards!
B's team (B, Peyton and his 4 year old cousin Bailey, who was home with a stomach bug) got FIRST PLACE in the bumper division! Go Snake Bowlers!
 There were 16 teams in W's division, and "Team Four" (Gunner, Coen and W) came in 11th.
So proud of my bowlers!

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