Saturday, February 20, 2016

Random This Week

B woke up puking, but spent the rest of the day like this!

I warmed up a pre-cooked ham and made mashed cauliflower for the side. When E got home, he said, "You were off all day, and this is my dinner?!?" (Nice....)

This is what it looks like when the fire alarm goes off during Cheer practice! (VIDEO)

President's Day handprint craft at home,
B's worksheet, done at school.

Lunch at Frisch's with Kari F and Kara N! I had water, a small burger (no bun) and a salad, no dressing.
B is trying out a new career-"electronics expert"!

We found out a week ago that MIL has stage four cancer. She saw the surgeon and they said they are going to remove both tumors at once! At first, they were talking like they could only remove one and would have to do chemo on the other, so that is good news!

I got to push the play button on the AWANA song at the sound booth at church, so of course, I pretended to be a D.J.!

Oven banana pancakes for breakfast-that way I get to eat with the boys instead of toiling over the stove!

I finally remembered to have the boys wear their president's day shirts!
Apparently, printing a bunch of lunchbox notes at the beginning of the year, and just shoving one in the boys' lunchboxes each morning isn't as foolproof as I thought! Ben wanted his cookie and he wanted it right then!
I love going to W's basketball practices now because I get to spend the whole time chatting with my friend Kara N! W really stepped it up in practice, being aggressive and going after rebounds and loose balls!

Haven't lost any weight this week, but took my measurements. In a little over a month, I've lost 4 more pounds and
chest lost another 2.5 inches,
waist -1.5
hips -1 inch
tush -2.5 inches
thigh -1 inch
arms, -0

Frog craft (because it is a leap year)!
The never ending story...
After I put all this on the floor and then washed a load, a sock got stuck in the drain pipe and the laundry room flooded, wetting all those clothes. I had to wash all of it that day!

Game Night with the Falks!
I made some fluffernutter butterscotch bars

and we went to BW3's! Wonder why the boys love it? ha ha

 (Lesson learned-I have to have caffeine on game nights, or I'm no fun!)

E took the boys to bowling so I could work on my 2013A photo album (trying to get it done while Shutterfly has them 50% off).

Basketball snack for my cheerleaders!

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