Monday, February 29, 2016

Spaghetti Servers

I knew the kids at church were going to serve a spaghetti dinner, 
but I was completely surprised (and thrilled) when the boys came out to advertise for it!
 I got more pictures as they were handing out fliers after the service!
 That night, after getting dressed in restaurant appropriate shirts (tee hee), the boys got to the church early so they could eat,
 then, they got busy serving with the other kids!

 While we waited for the main course, we were served Olive Garden breadsticks and salad (by one of the cutest servers ever).
 In line for dinner...
 the other cutest server ever!
plate clearing,
 and dessert!
 B liked it so much, he considered a new profession!
I should make the boys serve us more often!

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