Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl 50

The last football game of this season is here!! (W is excited because that means he can play video games on Sunday afternoons again!)
I gave the boys a themed brain teaser (Move only two sticks to recreate the goalposts to where the eraser is not inside it. Don't Touch the eraser!)
I didn't really care if the Panthers or the Broncos won (but if I HAD to choose, I would go with Broncos because of Peyton Manning...) but our crafted noise makers were ready, (filled with bells, and paper/ribbon scraps in blue, light blue and orange.)

and I was excited about the food!

I made cocoa crispy treat footballs, and bacon crackers! (The hardest part of my day was keeping E out of the crackers until we got to the church for the party! )
There was a football cake,
and some easily cleaned up decorations.
After eating (way more than I should have), we watched parts of the game and some homemade commercials. I spent most of my time in the hallway, planning the next half-time routine for my cheerleaders. E hung out in the doorway.
W and B drew pictures and ate way too many desserts!
At half-time, everything was cleaned up, a mini football game erupted,
and then we went home to watch the Broncos win (in what seemed to me) a rather unexciting game.
Yippity doo da, go sports!

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