Monday, February 1, 2016

Update- New Year's Resolutions

One month in!
I had two main resolutions- Read through the Bible in a year again and get back to my goal weight!

I'm right on track for resolution #1!
For resolution #2, I've made it my main hobby. I gave up pop and sweet tea/orange Hi-C, wrote down a lot of fitness/nutrition quotes in a journal to read when I'm struggling, I watch a bunch of diet shows,(Fit to Fat, My Diet is Better than Yours, Extreme Weight Loss, and the less applicable, but still fascinating "My 600 lb Life", etc.) and am always on Pinterest looking at  healthy recipes and different diets.

I've been limiting carbs to only two meals a day,
tomato bun, anyone?
doubled the amount of veggies I serve,
exercising almost every day and tracking all my food on Lose It.

I've eaten some old favorites, made some new ones,

cucumbers and cherry tomatoes in Olive Garden dressing

creamed spinach and spinach chicken
All bran + Cracklin' Oat Bran
and attempted some not-so-great meals...
(sardines with hb eggs, tuna with avocado, tuna with cabbage,
protein banana pb brownies
and have some still in progress!
I've lost several inches
chest -3inches
waist -2.5 inches
hips -2 inches
tush -0  (call me JLo!)
arms -1 inch
legs -1 inch
and lost 13lbs!
I feel lighter,( and for some reason, have stopped biting my nails)  and I'm super proud that I didn't use the last two game nights as an excuse to eat crazy! February has the Super Bowl, Valentine's Day and two more game nights, here's hoping I can keep it up!

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