Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Celebrations 2016

To get ready for Valentine's at school, B and I made a container for B's Valentines! He wanted it to look like the Lego Dimensions Portal!
I think we did a pretty good job! My favorite part is the silver paper inside!
For W's class, chocolate cupcakes with cherry icing and sprinkles!
And for both boys, Valentine shirts!
Here at home, we celebrated with Valentine books,
chocolate writing,
painted wooden hearts, Valentine rubbing cards, candy sorting, shape making  and patterns,
and bingo!
After school and during their day off the next day,  the boys went through their Valentines, got special mail from BopBop and Sherry,
made chocolate play dough!

had a silly song time,
and watched Charlie Brown and Veggie Tales Valentine's movies,
while I enjoyed my Valentine's treats!
For actual Valentine's Day,  B gave me a great picture and a jingly necklace I wore to church.
For the boys, I had a letter theme!

Breakfast, with a bunting that only cost me a dollar to make, and a sweet treat,

mad-lib Valentine letters (spoiler alert, the word "butt" was used almost exclusively), themed nails,
a Valentine text from me to E,

a clean kitchen and dinner from dad (nori wrapped salmon-W thought we were tricking him, "This isn't real food"!)
a special treat and love letter!
 We watched Goonies as a family before bed. Love my Valentines!

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